Spectrum 4000


NLS Spectrum 4000 covers the whole spectrum of divers need for light and heating. It includes 4000 lumen primary light, 40w Classic, and E/O cord for heating with adjustable power (0/25%/50%/75%/100%). Adjustment for the heating (including on/off) is located in the canister lid. Adjustment (including on/off) for light is located in the light head.

Battery capacity is 202wh (11.1V, 18.2Ah). Package contains also 3A charger (for 110V-240V mains).

Product includes next generation battery canister. Canister top is secured with bayonette style locking, instead of the traditional latches. In the canister there is also waterproof middle lid. There are no penetrations for the switches in the lid, switches are implemented with magnets.


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