40W LED Classic


4000 lumen led monster! With four powerful leds, this one produces a lot of light with still being compact in size. Main beam is around 8-9 degrees with some scattered light to illuminate your gauges. This led is equipped with fault tolerance, meaning there are two sets of electronics inside. If one fails, another one can still work producing 2000 lumens and guiding you safely back to surface. However, we still recommend you to use backup lights, especially when working in overhead environment.

All our lights are provided with li-ion batteries. Charger is included in the price. Battery capacity is 202Wh and charging current of the charger is 3A (suitable for 110-240V wall sockets). Burn time with this battery 4,5 hours.

Light can be equipped with separately purchasable Dim Switch (included in the picture).

Estimated delivery time 1-3 weeks.



ClassicFaceLift2_web ClassicFaceLift3_web

Additional information

Dimensions 28,4 × 7,5 cm
Voltage (V)


Color temperature (Kelvin)


Capacity (Ah)